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  • Start and end of the Kallirach Circuit width:640;;height:480
  • One of the many poetry bits related to metamorphosis along the initial steep climb width:640;;height:480
  • Metamorphosis towering over Kallirachi width:360;;height:480
  • Metamorphosis with the hills in the background. The walk goes through these hills width:640;;height:397
  • Some of the icons inside Metamorphosis width:577;;height:479
  • Skala Kallirachi and its small harbour in the distance width:640;;height:480
  • The hill on which the church Metamorphosis is located. The hill accompanies you throughout the walk. width:359;;height:480
  • Quiet walking. width:359;;height:480
  • Thassos at your feet. In the distance you can see the church of Maries. width:640;;height:480
  • Back to Kallirachi width:360;;height:480
  • width:640;;height:480
  • Decending to Kallirachi again width:640;;height:480
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